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Confidence Lost - Part 3 :iconhourglassthorne:hourglassthorne 4 0 Confidence Lost - Part 2 :iconhourglassthorne:hourglassthorne 5 1 Confidence Lost - Part 1 :iconhourglassthorne:hourglassthorne 21 5 Royal Flying Eyeballs :iconhourglassthorne:hourglassthorne 14 2 Black and Red Resume :iconhourglassthorne:hourglassthorne 1 0
Watch the Sunrise - Epilogue
It wasn't often that I took missions that would send me off world for any reasonable length of time. They certainly didn't happen when working with the Outsiders. However, when I was asked by the Titans to help them with some trouble in another sector of the galaxy alongside the Green Lanterns, I couldn't resist the temptation. The work was interesting for about the first week. Then the homesickness made the following two weeks not so much. Exploring alien worlds and traveling across the vast endlessness of space with some of my best friends was fun and all, but in the end I really missed Earth, normal gravity, and being able to sleep in my own bed at night, among other things.
About half an hour before sunrise I finally made my way back home. Conner, Cassie, and Bart were nice enough to give me a lift back to my place in the T-Jet.
"Don't you dare forget to call us later," Bart said from the pilot's seat as they hovered the stealthed jet well above the building I called home.
"I won't
:iconhourglassthorne:hourglassthorne 2 0
Watch the Sunrise - Chpt 5
"Red! Stop!" Dick yelled as I felt two sets of strong arms trying desperately to restrain me.
I struggled to free myself, straining against the iron grips of my family. "Let me go!" I growled in a voice that didn't sound like myself.
"Red Robin! Enough!" Bruce ordered as he quickly disarmed me. He had to kick the staff away when I slipped from Dick's grasp and attempted to lunge for it. Then he pulled me hard and turned me to face him, his expression stern and commanding. "That is enough!"
"He would have killed her!"
"Tam's alive!"
"She would have died! She would have never come back! Just like mom! Just like dad! Just like everyone normal I've ever loved! That we've all ever loved! When those people die, they NEVER come back! YOU KNOW THIS!"
"Tim? Tim, please stop."
When I heard Tam's voice, I finally stopped fighting against my father and brother. She was walking unsteadily towards me, holding her injured hand close to her chest. Her eyes were focused only on me, and she was pointedl
:iconhourglassthorne:hourglassthorne 2 0
Watch the Sunrise - Chpt 4
As Batman and I left the rooftops to reach his car, he got me caught up on the situation with Killer Croc. Dick and Damian had found Croc hiding out in Grant Park. In the process of trying to escape my brothers, Croc smashed up the first taxi cab that had been driving through the heavily wooded park, killed the driver, and grabbed its lone passenger as a hostage.
Tam had called a cab to take her home after the piano bar had closed, just like she always did. Her apartment was in a building that overlooked the park. She'd gotten the place because she loved the view from her balcony, especially at daybreak.
It killed me to know that despite everything I put her through (put us through) to try and make her life safer, in the end it didn't matter one bit. All it took was her going about her normal routine to set her on a collision course with Killer Croc.
It wasn't her normal routine.
On the normal routine, if I hadn't done what I did, I would've secretly followed her home from rooftops
:iconhourglassthorne:hourglassthorne 2 0
Like Father Like Son
On a merciless frigid winter night like this, the streets of Gotham City were fit for neither man nor beast. Unsurprisingly, there was very little crime taking place tonight. With the start of a blizzard beginning to rear its ugly head, even the dregs of humanity were hunkering down to brace for the coming storm.
"Where is he?" Dick Grayson muttered under his breath as he stared out the living room window. It was two a.m and he'd made the judgement call an hour ago to end all patrols early after getting a severe weather update from Barbara. He and Damian had been home for half an hour now, but there was still no sign of Tim.
"He said he was on his way, Master Richard," Alfred said in a reassuring tone. "Have a little faith." Still, even as he said this, the old man couldn't help the concerned lines deepening on his own face. The blizzard was strengthening outside to the point where one couldn't see the city lights at all from the lofty penthouse they all shared together atop Wayne Towe
:iconhourglassthorne:hourglassthorne 21 4
Watch the Sunrise - Chpt 3
After my initial greeting, there was a long moment of silence…
Really long…
Uncomfortably long…
It was the kind of long that meant one of two things with Bruce, depending on how he approached you. If he kept his mask on, it meant you screwed up somewhere on the job, and he was getting ready to dress you down. The long silence was tactical, psychological warfare, to get you sweating about everything you've done in the last forty-eight hours to try and figure out where you might've slipped up before he even opens his mouth. However, if he decided to take his mask off, then the silence was a sign of his own hesitation, because he wasn't going to talk to you as "Batman," but as "Bruce Wayne."
In the back of my mind I was sort of hoping for the dressing down. A small part of me went, "Aw crap," when he started to pull his cowl away from his face.
"Tim," he said. "We need to talk."
With a sigh, I went ahead and removed my own cowl. If there were any cameras in the area,
:iconhourglassthorne:hourglassthorne 2 0
Watch the Sunrise - Chpt 2
I know I must have paled. I could literally feel the blood rush from my face as her words hit home. The carefully practiced explanations, the meticulously collected, logical reasons that I'd gathered together to justify pushing Tam away suddenly felt just out of reach. "Tam…" I started in a pained tone, but it was difficult to continue. There were other words I wanted to say to her… Words that would completely sabotage everything I was trying to accomplish that night… But stubbornly I choked them back and forced myself to stick to the bits of the script I could remember from earlier. I averted my gaze, closing my eyes and turning my face away from her. "Being around me is too dangerous… You'll become a target… It'll get you hurt… or killed…"
"Why does that matter now?"
Cautiously, I opened my eyes to look at her. Tam looked calmer, but definitely still angry. "Why?" I echoed hesitantly.
"Do you remember the first time we met?" She closed her eyes. Bef
:iconhourglassthorne:hourglassthorne 1 0
Watch the Sunrise - Chpt 1
Tim's POV
How many nights have I spent over the last two years listening to Tam's beautiful music like this? Sneaking into the rafters of the piano bar she played in every other Wednesday night had become a ritual for me. I would wait with baited breath from the shadows high above the black grant piano for her appearance. When she finally made her way to the stage, the patrons of the upper class nightclub barely even noticed her arrival. They'd be too caught up with their drinks and idle conversations. I'd notice, though. I always noticed. How could I not when she stepped from the shadows into the soft mood light dressed like that?
During the daylight hours she was either all business or all college student. When she was on the clock, she was straight laced in conservative suits to give off the air of corporate confidence. When she needed to be on campus, it was whatever could be thrown together in five frantic minutes because she'd overslept by thirty and needed to be out the d
:iconhourglassthorne:hourglassthorne 4 0
Watch the Sunrise - Prologue
Tamara Fox had been a large part of Tim Drake's life for the better part of two years now. Because of the persistent meddling of one obnoxious reporter, they had become good friends while pretending to be engaged. Later on, he discovered that there were some unintended perks to this situation he'd been forced into. The main benefit he would discover was that since Tam already knew about his double life, but was a "civilian" herself, it provided a much needed outlet over the years to have someone he could spend time with outside of the Incorporation with all its uniforms, masks, and crime fighting. It was nice. It was comfortable. It was normal.
It was a chance to rediscover life beyond the mask.
Somewhere down the line, when Tim wasn't looking (when he wasn't even trying for that matter), he'd started falling in love with the smart, sassy college girl from the good, stable family. Pretending to be a couple for the press and society gossips had somehow turned into the real thing. Howeve
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Blade of Misfortune - Chpt 2
In the end, the trip to Jason's country home took about four hours. For the first half of the drive, Bruce and I talked and caught up on everything we'd been up to over the past several weeks. He got me caught up on his work with Batman Inc around the world. I shared with him the current progress on my hit list. We both had differing opinions on the chances the Gotham Knights had this year for the pennant. Then we agreed to patrol together that night after we got back to the city.
After that, though, the length of the drive and the monotony of the rural country scenery began to take its toll. I tried to stay awake as long as I could, but soon dozed off as I was watched the clouds hanging lazily on the horizon. Bruce didn't even bother trying to keep me awake those last couple of hours.
"Wake up, Tim. We're here." As Bruce nudged my shoulder to wake me from my nap, I drowsily contemplated offering to stay in the car while he met with Jason. I'd been having a pretty nice dream up until t
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Blade of Misfortune - Chpt 1
It's a trick I've used before in the past with a fairly reasonable amount of success.  Put a set of headphones on and people just don't think you're listening to them.  No one fathoms that your iPod isn't even turned on.  They just assume that it is.  Add to that a set of earbuds that have been subtly modified to amplify surrounding sounds, and you've got yourself an ideal way to spy on conversations going on around you without anyone being the wiser.
However, as I found out the hard way, the trick works better when your father isn't THE Batman, and he's NOT the one you're trying to covertly listen to.
I realize I've been made when I feel the left earbud being tugged out of my ear.  When I glance over to the driver's side of the car, Bruce's gaze meets mine for a moment with a quizzical look as the small earphone dangles from his fingertips.  He doesn't have to say a word.  The question is obvious to me.
"Wanted to s
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Blade of Misfortune - Prologue
How long has it been since I last saw the accursed blade that now sits within my study?  Whenever it comes back into my possession, I feel both incredible relief and unmistakable dread.  With the return of the relic comes good news and bad news.
The good news that comes with reclaiming the sword is the knowledge that, for at least the last fifty years or so, the ancient weapon had been well protected.  It did not make its way into corrupt hands.  It wasn't given the opportunity to cause chaos and disarray of its own.  In spite of every other tragic, earth-shattering event that tore apart the world at large during the interim time period, the influence of the sword was kept out of it all.  
Thank the Maker for small miracles.  Of course, with the good news invariably comes the bad...
Now a new caretaker has to be located.
If it weren't for the demon, I'd simply take possession of the sword myself and become its perman
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Christina Rivera
United States
Current Residence: DFW, TX
Favourite style of art: digital, vector, photo-manipulation
Operating System: Windows XP Professional
Favourite cartoon character: Howl Pendragon (from "Howl's Moving Castle")
Personal Quote: "Jack of all trades, master of none, but ofttimes better than master of one."
I just started writing articles for Associated Content this week, and my first official article was just accepted and published!

The article is entitled "Graphic Design on a Budget - Free Software for the Graphic Designer".

It's about three free graphic design/animation programs that cash-strapped artists, photographers, and animators can use for their works, both personal and professional.

If you guys have a spare moment during the day, be sure to take a look and let me know what you think of it.


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